What is the Monero Policy Working Group?

The Monero Policy Working Group (MPWG) is a loosely formed quorum of individuals that contribute to the Monero open-source project.

The opinions of the MPWG are not the same opinions shared by all Monero community members. Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency without a foundation or company just like Bitcoin; thus, the community contains a massive variety of opinions and stakeholders.

MPWG contributors have various backgrounds. Previous contributors are experienced in law, compliance, development, privacy research, investigations, public policy, and accounting.

The goal of MPWG is to work with regulators, policy makers, and the wider financial services sector to ensure broad understanding of Monero (and other privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies and tools) is communicated.

Just as Monero is a globally-available tool, the MPWG aims to assist in many jurisdictions.

Past contributors include:

  • Jayson Benner, CPA, CA
  • Dr. F. X. CabaƱas
  • Dr. J. Dubois-Lacoste
  • Justin Ehrenhofer
  • Deanna MacDonald
  • William Miller
  • Dr. R. Renwick
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. A.J. Santos

Contact us: policy@getmonero.org

Join us on Matrix: #monero-policy:monero.social